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Fullmetal Alchemist community

Fullmetal Alchemist
Central City
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F U L L + M E T A L + A L C H E M I S T

Welcome to the FullMetal Alchemist Community on LiveJournal! Your community is run by yuukihikari for those of you who love all things FMA.

Commuity Rules

1. This is a general all-inclusive FullMetal Alchemist community. Your topic needs to relate to the series (any verse) and/or its characters in some way, shape, or form (news, media, fanart, fanfic, screen cap, icons, etc). If your post is something that may interest an FMA fan, but your topic has no FMA-specific content itself, do not post it here.
*Some circumstances can be an exception (there's always exceptions to rules ;) but please use common sense.
*If you are uncertain, just ask! If you post and told your post is beyond the rules, please respect that, and ask questions if you feel the treatment was unfair.
*This is also not a community to ask about or advertise other projects that have been taken on or are on the go by individuals who have been involved with FMA (directors, voice actors, publishers, etc). As well, if you want news on Ms Arakawa's works & projects, bos_taurus is designed for just that!

2. No introductory posts. You're here, you like FMA, we all got that :) make yourself known by contributing materials or commenting on posts!

3. Posts & comments should be respectful. Trolls and the like are not welcome. Wank is not something anyone needs. Don't stir up trouble - this is a peaceful spot in the fandom.
* FullMetal Alchemist is a series that will soon reach ten years of history and there are fans in this community from all points in time. There are people who will like parts and points in the series(x3) that others do not, as well as people who prefer one version over the other. This community is a place for fans of ALL versions of the series. You may or may not like all aspects of what FMA is or has been, but you have to respect that with a community this large, there's more than one someone who likes what you don't. Do your best to respect that when you post/comment, else take your opinions to your personal journal if you cannot. We're all FMA fans, so play nicely in the sand box with everyone. Everyone should have a positive experience here.

4. Is your post wordy? Have a big image? Contain (possible) spoiler materials? Save people's f-lists and use an LJ-cut!
LJ Cut:
<lj-cut text="*insert LJ cut title here*">
*insert the body of your message / image / fic / whatnot here, & close your cut*

The maximum image size allowed outside a cut is 400px by 400px

5. Label posts correctly - give it a title! Is this a fanfic? Fanmix? Fanart? Is it worksafe/not work safe? G/PG/T/M/R/NC-17/18+? Spoilers? Post-series? I'm sure you've seen by now how people present their materials for fanworks, please follow suit (and if you're new and haven't seen, it's not hard to find - take a look at the recent entries). There's no requirement to do so, but please tag your posts where possible. Some people might try and search your materials that way.

If you need one, here are suggested header templates for your fanfiction or fanart.
You do not have to use them as they are, you can modify for your tastes (for more or less), but please have your fanworks headers look something like this.
For Writers:
<b>Title:</b> Your title
<b>Author:</b> <lj user="Your Handle"> (or general handle if different)
<b>Rating:</b> GIVE A RATING. People need to know if your material is work safe or not.
<b>Warnings:</b> Something we should be aware of before reading.
<b>Spoilers:</b> When in doubt, use a spoiler warning.
<b>Characters/Pairings:</b> Tell us who we're reading about.
<b>Summary:</b> What are we reading about.
<b>Author's Notes:</b> Any relevant additional information.
For Artists:
<b>Title:</b> Your Title
<b>Artist:</b> <lj user="Your Handle"> (or general handle if different)
<b>Rating:</b> GIVE A RATING. People need to know if your material is work safe or not.
<b>Spoilers:</b> When in doubt, use a spoiler warning.
<b>Characters/Pairings:</b> Let us know who's involved!
<b>Artist Notes:</b> If you have any.

You can include a preview image so long as it's dimensions do not exceed 400px by 400px
6. Please do not link your media/fanworks/content to an f-locked post on another community or personal journal. If your post requires a lock, then post the contents in fm_a and lock the post here. If you've locked a post to another comm or journal, then you've indicated that it's for the eyes of those people watching that community/journal only - don't advertise it here unless you're able to share the contents with everyone in this community.

7. Please do your best to find and/or exhaust your resources before asking for "where do I find x-event in this series?" or "what chapter did this happen in?" Yes, once in a while you just can't find it, and this is a large resource of people to ask, but try to minimize these kinds of posts please.

8. Use common sense when you're doing anything. This is a very bland statement and open to interpretation, but really, it can do a lot for you. Typing is not like talking, you have time to edit & think about what you're doing before you hit 'submit' or 'enter'.

9. If the post is spam or anything else irrelevant, it'll be deleted. If you don't look like a bot, you might get a mod comment before it's deleted. But really: irrelivant = deleted.

10. Enjoy yourself here!

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Community Mods

yuukihikari owner
gundamnook maintainer


Comments, questions, concerns, opinions? Feel free to PM yuukihikari


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> it say:また逢うまでの約束だから (Because of a promise to meet again.)
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