kuuumo (kuuumo) wrote in fm_alchemist,

*waves around and gets shot*

Uh... another newbie post. (they're not yet taking over the world... I think.)

A little bit about me... I'm one of those who started (closet) fangirling ever since tyworld released chap1 of the manga... I've read most of the manga to date (the unscanslated bits), and I watch the anime (duh). Will provide spoilered episode summaries if anyone would like them. (and i promise to beat the fansub groups at it! =D) My fave chara is edo, I love him to bits, and he is NOT short!! *cries buckets of tears at that thought* *gets shot*

And uh... I promise to present some fanart to the hagaren altar soon. *_* kore kara mo yoroshiku onegaitashima--su! m(_ _)m

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