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Quick Episode Summary 49

because everybody wants to hear it, of course!

So -- finally squeezed episode 49 into my schedule. Here's the quick episode summary for it:

- Ed is, as usual, too smart. <3!
- Am somewhat comforted that Ed seems to be worried about Al still. Hopefully this means his plans to destroy the Stone don't involve destroying Al, yay, although that won't make a difference if we can't get him back in his rightful body pronto.
- I was so sure Ed was about to lose another limb just then.
- Bets on how long before Ed-beyond-the-gate runs into Al?

And now, the QES.

Ed: The plot won't let up from now until I'm carried out dead.
Al: Or I am.
Ed and Al: Or both.
Ed: Let's rock.
Rose: Does this dress make me look fat?
Ed: Yes.
Dante: Hidoi!
Ed: ...wtf. Dante is hitting on me? Rose is hitting on me? Is there some kind of rule that you can't be in this show without developing some kind of creepy lust thing for me?
Gluttony: Did somebody say Lust?
Dante: This is boring. Let's toss you into another world. Have fun bye!
Audience: WTF? O_o
Hohenheim: Told you I wasn't dead.
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