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No, it's not coming out yet, as far as i know. at least, the newest release on the site is the site is the Complete best CD & DVD, which is all of the openings and endings and, one assumes, karaoke versions of them or something.

But that's not what my post is about. Rather, my post is about whether or not you think they have enough songs to DO a second OST? So far, the songs we've heard in the series but not on the OST have been:

1. The Woah Woah song, "broken radio" version. you know, that song from episode 33+ that they've been playing a LOT because they seem to like using the same neat music OVER AND OVER UNTIL IT MELTS INTO YOUR BRAIN ARGHH... but anyways.

2. The woah woah song, Choral Version. They play this in 45 or whenever hoenheim kicks the bucket, and is the woah woah song except less sounding like a shitty recording and sounding more choral. Also, I think it goes la la instead of woah woah.

3. The woah woah song, Orchestral Version. This is the woah woah version, only in instrumental. when Hoenheim's flashing back about his doing the hanky panky wife and sons, they play this, and when he goes through the gate, they play it SO LOUD YOU EXPECT YOUR EARDRUMS SHALL BURST. Or something.

4. Roy's Sad Harmonica Music. They play this whenever he angsts. And it's really kind of cheesy. and when I say kind of, I mean REALLY EFFING CHEESY. so um. yeah.

5. The HOLY CHORUS OF ISHVAL. I'm not sure how to describe this, except it sounds like something from Kenran Butoh Sai and is quite obviously the product of too little time and needing a somewhat cheese-fest-y dramatic song for when scar popped the guy's head open in 13.

6. Greed's theme. I'm not sure, but as far as i can tell, there's a fight song played in episode 34 and ONLY episode 34, when Greed is getting his ass pounded into hamburger by ed fighting with ed.

7. THE DRAMATIC BAM SONG. you know it. it's that song they play during the episode 50 preview. it's really neat.

8. THE SYMPHONY THEY PLAY DURING THE END OF EPISODE 49. does this qualify? I do not know. I wish I could remember which symphony this is, too, because everyone knows it, and I just can't remember its name.

Only nine songs, but I assume there are others they've played that weren't on OST 1. Any songs I've missed that weren't on the OST? Do you think they're not going to release the second OST, or are they just trying to make us beg and sob for it before they release it like a MONTH after episode 51? T_T


oh, and my take on the whole thing from 49? Bones just wanted to draw zepplins. It's that simple.

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