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Ed's clothes

I've been having fullmetal fullmetal on the brain the whole day and I need an outlet. Been drawing Ed in all his clothing styles throughout the series too. So here's a question: which do you prefer the most?
From what I can remember, he's had about 4 changes to his black jacket. One, when he was twelve, had a zipper. Two, in the first episode, was actually more like a sleeveless shirt tucked into his belt. Three, the one with the clip we see most often. Four, the most recent one with the buckle-like things.
I've really started to fall in love with the fourth one. It makes him look more mature and stylish. The third one comes in a close second because it just screams "fantasy anime!" to me. ^^ And the zipper was very cute.

Btw, does anyone else notice the severe lack of red coat recently? I believe the only time we've seen it since episode 40 is in the Opening and Ending. ...I miss it. :(

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