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I made a plushie!

Lookie what I made!

I really had fun with his automail arm--but I had to practicually stitch the shirts onto him (he's head is too big to put it own like a regular shirt, nor the neck hole big enough to slide on from his feet up) so it gets all hidden. BUT IT IS THERE! His pants are too tight for me to give his leg the same treatment, but I did make the leg half out of metallic material just like his arm--just without the extra's I gave the arm.

Don't mind the ear growing out of his temple. Tiny stuff on a sewing machine is NOT the easiest things to keep placed correctly. So little margin for error.

And he's not getting shoes. Cuz I'm too lazy to make them, nor can I think of a way to keep them on even if I did make them. Aside from sewing them on. (plus I can't think of a way to make them look fairly nice. ) </lj-cute>

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