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Crack Couple Icons

... like we need more weird icons ...

Just a random n00b who brings her new crack couples in cute little bite-sized icons.

#2 #3 #4 #5

#1 Can't you just hear the crack fic bunnies coming?
#2 You know it had to be done.
#3 OMG!! They're dancing! I feel so happy because I remember watching the first few episodes (waaaayy back when) thinking Rose and Ed were rather cute together.
#4 One of my friends asked for this one and he doesn't mind sharing.
#5 I got so dizzy watching this part. (personal favorite)

I won't yell or rant if you don't credit so take as many as you want. Edit them. Cut them up. I don't mind.

Oh and if someone wants a customicon or text on one of the above icons just let me know on this thread. I have all the episodes for the taking of screen caps if you;d like something from the early episodes.

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