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my first FMA fanfic!

Title: Revenge is Sweet
Pairing: a little Rose x Ed
Warning: Language, some more offensive depending on who you are. XD
Summary: Rose gives Ed a piece of her mind.

Rose was pissed. She was confused, conflicted, scandalized, and wavering in her faith, but first and foremost she was pissed off.
At him.
Whether by an act of God or a simple turn of fate, Rose found that her new daily chore in the Church of Leto was to serve dinner to the prisoners- namely, him. Edward Elric. The Full Metal Alchemist.
That bastard.
At first she had managed to keep a straight face in his presence, but when he had the nerve to grin at her like that with his mouth wide open ("Feed me! Aaaannnn..."), she lost control.
Grabbing a roll of bread from the tray, she turned and shoved it straight into his mouth, effectively gagging him. Surprised, he blinked at her with wide eyes. "Mmmrph?"
Her reply was simple: "Shut up, you little midget."
His body jerked with the blow. "Mmmrrmmmmph?!"
"Bean! Third rate! Ignorant halfling!"
He kicked his legs at her, and she moved away. This time she raised her voice.
"You're so short God has to look at you through a microscope! Ants watch where they walk! You're smaller than the tiniest brain cell!"
Ed looked about ready to burst a blood vessel. He rattled his chains and screamed incomprehensible, though no doubt dirty, shouts of complaint. But he was utterly, completely helpless.
She liked that.
"You think you're so high and mighty, Mr. Alchemist? Well my boyfriend is back now so HA to your little conspiracy theory! Did you hear that? LITTLE!"
And before he could react, she set the tray on the floor, well out of his reach, and left the room.
She was feeling a lot better now.

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