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{Fanfic} Resent & Chap. 1 Update

'Cause Al and Scar need so much more love.

Author: Faded Neko
Rating: PG?
Section: 1/1
Summary: 'And I wept... I didn't want to be cold anymore... I didn't want to be alone anymore... I don't want to be in that body again...'

One shot FMA Fic! For all Al x Scar lovers ^^ Some mild spoilers if you have not seen past episode 40. This is the story version of Resent. Originally presented as a doujinshi. ~~~~~~ change of scenery. This is thought.

I do not own FMA!!


"Mother look at this!"

"Wonderful you two! You surely are his sons!"

The two boys giggled as their voices faded out.

"Brother... I'm hungry. I'm cold too. Let's go home."

"Al. Let's revive mom."

The voices faded again.


"Brother, something's wrong!" A voice tore out.


"Brother! Brother...!"

The screams faded like everything else and I saw it...

"Ma-Mother..." Edward's voice said quietly shaking.

A pale hand reached out towards him as his body slowly decomposed


Slowly black little hands started grabbing at it as he continued to stare into that eye of illusion.

"Brother!!" I shouted with a raw voice, "Brother!! Run! Get away!!"

My eyes shot open and I sat up in my bed.


"Mother... Why do you make us suffer...?" I murmured to myself as I placed my hand on my forehead.

"Why? Why do you haunt me with these cursed dreams...? I.... I hate you..."


"I bet the colonel is going to get mad at me again..." Edward groaned, "Oh Ed! You still haven't finished you're assignment! Eh? Where'd..."

Why do I hate you...? Mother..? I need someone to talk to... Someone who would understand...

"Eh Al? Are you listening?" My brother said stopping.

"Wha-? Of course, of course! Continue!" I said quickly waving my hand.

"Sure..." He said was a groan.

Someone who would understand... Like...


Of course he's not around anymore though... But he's helped me so much... I... I really miss him... Ack! What am I saying! He's the one who tried to kill my brother so many times! ...Still~

"Al, you coming?" My brother called out again.

"Ahh..." I said with a nervous smile, "Nah, I think I'll go to a restaurant and order some tea or something..."

"Whatever..." Ed said as he began to run to the headquarters.

"See you!" I said with a wave and a sigh.

I bet if anyone new how to cope with anything though it would be him... I want to see him again... But the dead won't come back to life...

Turned my head and began walking on the street. The rain was hard and thick as it fell. And as I turned the next corner... There he was...

"Scar..?" I whispered quietly to myself.

Slowly talking those steps towards him. I wanted to see... Those dark red eyes again.

But it's impossible... There was no way... Like I said before... The dead can't just come back to li-fe...

"Scar..? Is that you?" I said out loud now standing mere feet away from him.

Now there was no mistake... Those red eyes... That pale 'X'... Scar... It was really him...

"I-It's been so long!" I almost choked on what to say, "I couldn't stop think about you since that day..."

"Eh?" The Ishbalite muttered.

"Scar? Don't you recognize me?" I said blushing slightly, "It's me Alphonse! I've... Really missed you... I never thought I'd see you again..."

"Al-Alphonse!?" He coughed.

I tilted my head to the side and smiled, "Yes. I was wondering... Would you like to come with me to a restaurant? I... Sort of want to catch up and... Well I was wondering if you could help me with some personal problems..."

The scarred Ishbalite thought for a moment as the rain tumbled down across his face, "...Okay, I'll come..."

"Wha-Really!?" I could feel my eyes spark.

"Ah-ah... Yes... Really...”

"Okay! Then let's go!"

"Yea-Ah" Scar said slightly shocked as I grabbed his hand and dragged me with me.


"People do strange things... You're mother's sickness and yearning didn't help her any... If you except things that happen but still react to it in some way most things will be okay..." He said as he sipped another section of his drink, "Everything comes with a pro and con. Sometimes the con can be greater then the pro but it some how can work itself out in the end. Whether people may not find it to be a happy  ending or not, something will work it out..."

"Like... If my brother and I hadn't done human transmutation... We could actually have been worse off?"

"That's a possibility..."

"...I remember that day when we first met... When you were going to kill my brother..."

"He loves you more than enough to sacrifice his life for you..."


"That was like my brother too..."

"You have a brother!?"

"Had... He gave up his life... But all I could do was hate him..." The Ishbalite murmured as he took another sip.

I tilted my head in silence, "I'm sorry..."

"For what?" Scar said as he looked up from his drink, "You haven't done anything wrong."

"...I have one more question..."


"The philosopher’s stone... How did you...? Why did you... Give your life for it? How did you get away?"

"My brother died trying to create it... His arm... He transferred it to me... Because he wanted me to live... He wanted me to move on and finish his dream... And I... Wanted to help you finish you dream" He finished his drink and stood up.

"...Scar... Thank you..." I said with small bow and closed my eyes tight, "Thank you for everything!"

His expression turned soft. The first time I've ever seen him like this.

"Al..." He said placing his hand on my head, "I have to thank you... If you and you're brother had not come along... I would have never realized the real truth..."

The red eyed man began walking away.

"You-You're leaving!?" I could feel those tears fill up slowly in my eyes.

"Alphonse... I love you..." He turned and said with a smile.



And it all faded to white. Bright lights gleamed down on my eyes.

...A... A hospital...?

I was lying in bed within a white room with those blue clothing my brother once might have worn.

Another dream...?

"Scar..." I cried as I curled into a ball sitting up.

And I wept... I wept because I knew the truth. I knew what had happened was all in my mind.

"Alphonse..." A familiar voice said softly as it entered, "Are you awake?"

I still cried even as my brother sat beside me and brought me close. I didn't want to be cold anymore... I didn't want to be alone anymore... I didn't want to be-I don't want to be in that body again...

"Al..." My brother whispered comfort to me, "its okay... Everything's okay..."

And now I understand. I understand everything that happened, why everything happened. What Scar had said... It was true...

Scar... I love you... I'll always miss you... But I will always love you...


AN: Sorry for such cheesiness (sp?) and stuff... >.> It's much better as a doujin. Trust me.

Author: Faded Neko
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Section: 1/?
Summary: Ed comes back to central to give Roy his update, everything get mixed up over spilt juice and a little nap. (Roy x Ed fic)

Down the halls of Central Cities Military Base, a teen-aged, blond hair boy walks briskly, reaching a wooden door on which he taps lightly.

"Taisa!" A voice echoed, "I'm here for my report!"

"Ahh... Ohayou Hagaren no!" The flame alchemist said with a smirk as the door crept open, "Please take a seat.." He instructed.

Edward sat down, the same cough the same side as he always does.

"You've been quite stationary lately... It's hard to keep up with what you're doing now.." The colonel remarked.

"Haha... I've finally found a way to get you off my trail then, right Taisa?" The teen said with toothy-grin.

"Hai..." Roy replied with a sigh, "So the updates are maybe a bit more meaning full now... Would you like something to drink?"

The full metal alchemist nodded, "Orange juice is fine if you have it"

And that is where it began...

The 29 year old man handed the drink to Ed and sat back down in his desk with a flask of milk to poor into his coffee.

"Eww... How can you drink that stuff?" Edward said with a disgusted face, causing Roy to look at him almost annoyed.

"The milk or the coffee? I understand if you don't like the coffee but milk...?"

"Both! It looks... Well milk is just something secreted from a cow therefore I have no need to drink it but... Coffee... is just weird."

Roy sighed in confusion, "I will never understand kids..."

And so... For thirty-one minutes that sat in silence drinking, until the colonel finished his cup and looked up to see what Ed was doing. He was awfully quite that whole time.

"Edward?... Oi, Edward" Roy said standing up and walking over to the teen, "Wake up! My office isn't a daycare!"

The blond teen grumbled and rolled over to his side, he looked so peaceful while sleeping the colonel couldn't help but play with his hair.

"Kawaii chibi-san..." Mustang mumbled quietly.

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING A SUPER CUTE SHRIMPY ANTT!?!?!" Ed roared as he awoke by the colonel's remark.

"Ah! Hagaren no! I-I!" Roy stuttered as he tumbled backwards over the table in the center of the room.


The blonde’s orange juice slipped and landed right on top the colonel's head causing him to laugh obnoxiously.

"Hagaren no! This isn't funny!" Roy fumed.

Edward didn't listen he just kept on laughing as the orange liquid dripped down older alchemist's face.

"Ed..." Roy glared, "Please act more mature in situations like these."

"Hahah! Mature? Please explain Taisa. How is playing with a younger male's hair and calling him kawaii mature?" Ed said with a toothy grin.

Roy's face turned deep red, "Uh, it's uh... Something parents say!"

"Really..?" Ed replied suspiciously, leaning closer to the colonel's face, "Then why are you blushing?"

"I just have a tan" The taisa said with a cough.

Ed smirked, "Suuurreee... Whatever you say Taisa... You don't need these papers do you?" He pointed down at the ones filling the table, covered in orange juice.

"Uhh... iie..."


"Why good!? Good trees have been wasted!"

The blond shook his head and clapped his hands, then placed them gently on the papers to cause a large flash.

"A towel?" Roy mumbled, confused.

"Hai!" Ed picked it up and placed it gently above the colonel's head, "What do you think I was going to do?"

Roy shrugged and went to reach for the towel on his head.

"Ah-ah! Iie taisa! Touka koukan.. I made fun of you so now I have to help you dry off" Ed said drying off Roy's hair.

The 29 year old stared at the 15 year old confused, "Hagaren no, that's really quite unnecessary"

"Wow..." Ed exclaimed, "It got all the ways to the back of you’re shirt too! This is crap... How can one cup do so much?"

Ed leaned closer and Roy's face felt like it was burning. His face was in the teen's chest and feeling his hand slide down his back.

"H-hagaren no... I demand you stop immediately" Mustang choked.

Ed followed orders, feeling the hoarse warm breathing against his chest, but not moving from his position.

"If you're trying to be funny, I'm not laughing... Now please remove yourself from holding me"

The blond freaked and jumped back onto the couch, his face burned red, "I-I didn't mean to! I was just trying to help!"

Roy stood up, "Helping? You? You are trying to be funny?" He sat down on the table after making sure it wasn't still wet, "Hagaren no... You're acting funny... What's going on?"

"N-nothing!" Ed shouted, "Taisa! Ever since I feel asleep, you've been the one acting funny."

"...Hai... I guess so..." Roy said thinking out loud.

They both sat in silence, again.

"Why... did you said... I was kawaii..?" Ed questioned, face towards the ground, "You... don't really think that do you?"

Roy looked up, "Nani?..."

The blonde’s face was burning, "Do you think I'm cute..?"

"...Ed..." Roy said reaching for the teen's face, "If I didn't would I do this?"

And with the rub of his thumb on the teen's cheek, their lips met and the colonel pressed in further, getting his tongue into the 15 year old's mouth.

Edward's eyes widened, a wave washed over him and...

"Ed? Oi, Ed! Wake up! Don't tell me you passed out... sigh... I guess you're still only a kid... A kawaii kawaii kid..."


Gomen for the sappy sappy-ness and the fact that it was incredibly short. >< Mez loosing my touch. Next chapter shall be posted soon. If you would like to read further faster click: 
I shall be posting the chapters there first before here. u.u gomen.

Please tell me what you think ^^;


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