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Pimpage and Observation

First off, I was dared by umeko_pyon over at haganenokokoro. So, I'm pimping her community again.

Join haganenokokoro or else. We get the crack, the rest of you get the crack-theories. XDD

Has anyone else noticed that the Fuhrer's character has changed dramatically since we discovered his 'true identity'? He used to be a care-free, idiotic and slightly incompetent-looking, and now he's... well, like that.

This happens a lot in Gender-bender fics, where after character a becomes female (usually), then they're character becomes well, girlie. I would've liked it much better if the Fuhrer had stayed ... well, the Fuhrer. It's one of the few aspects of the show that I just don't like (because hey! He was Pride before we found out that he was).

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