Wiccat (wiccat) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Further attempts to hurt your brains :D

I told my brother about that last fanfic I wrote. So he came up with one of his own on the spot. Here it is:

Title: Birthday Present
Pairing: Uh... Gluttony and his stomach?
Summary: I like birthdays ^__^
Warning: I like birthdays ^__^

It was Gluttony's birthday. The little roly poly gleefully bounced down the stairs to the main room. There, he saw it. A large box on the table, all wrapped in shiny paper with a big purple bow on top. A present! He could hardly contain himself. Attached to the box was a little tag that read: "For Gluttony. Happy Birthday!"

Without a moment's hesitation, the little homunculus ran up to the box and swallowed it in one very large gulp.

Behind him, Envy noticed the birthday boy and walked into the room. He casually leaned against the door frame. "So, Gluttony, didja like the puppy I got you?"

Gluttony turned around, a bit of drool still dripping from the corner of his mouth. "Yeeesssss..."


Later that evening, Gluttony was taking his new puppy out for a walk when he bumped into Sloth. "Thank you for the cake you left for me!"

The End
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