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Hohenheim of the (cone of) light...

So my brother and I were making fun of FMA... and we were just being silly and I told him about the random pairings I was making winter_ruins write.

Me: "Well, what pairings would you suggest?"

Him: "Let's see. Izumi x ... Izumi's husband. I dunno, I got nothing."

So anyone want to write that pairing? XD He's also started calling Envy "Hikari no Envyheim". I blame the fact that he's my brother. And just so this isn't a complete waste of post, here's a ficlet:

Title: I Just Wanted To Know...
Pairing: Envy x Ed... if you're on crack
Summary: Refer to the title
Warnings: I blame this one on my ex-cat

Ed ran as fast as he could. He knew the homunculus known as Envy was right behind him. Damnit damnit damnit! How stupid of him to get caught by surprise like that! He shuddered, remembering the near heart attack he suffered as the shape shifter appeared out of nowhere. And that look... the look that he had given Ed... so intense, so burning...

The train of thought made Ed's heart skip a beat, a fatal mistake. He faltered, and felt a flying foot on his back helping him to the ground. The heavy weight of another body pinned him down, and his eyes flew open in panic.

As Envy grinned triumphantly at him, he felt the inhuman hands travel down his body. Down... down... down... and further down...

In one swift motion, Envy ripped off both of Ed's boots.

"I knew it! You DON'T wear a sock on your metal foot!"


(P.S. - darkkairachan, if you want to put this on your ff.net thingy, go for it ^___^)

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