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Theory Alert! *sounds sirens*

After having watched episode 49 the first time, I realized something


We've seen the pic from the movie of Ed, yes? Well, notice how he's dressed almost like how his dad is in episode 49...

What if the movie takes place in this alternate universe* that somehow leaks into Amestris?


You never know o.o

(Mind, I'm hoping we don't get ditched at episode 51 and have to endure X amount of months before the summer of 2005 which just thinking about is cruel)

*(aka the Mysterious City Under Central=London in the strange universe like our own)

Odd, thing I realized...

If Ed was for real, he'd kill me and the entire city of Montréal...Or you know, destroy a collège, métro station and some street signs.

This morning while finishing off my part of two projects I'm doing in groups, I suddenly remembered a street name and the name of a bus that stopped by my area when I lived in Mtl.:

Boulevard Edouard-Monpetit
and the bus:
51 Edouard-Monpetit (Stops by the Métro station of the same name, Snowdon Métro and AMT station Montréal-Ouest)
but WAIT there's more!
There's even a college of the same name =O
CÉGEP Edouard-Monpetit

Roughly translated it means: "My Small Edward" or even "Edward the Small" if you ignore the 'Mon'. xD;. Pointless? Yeah, but it amused me to no end. (This is unrelated to Édouard-Montpetit [Mount-Small] which also amuses me.)

EDIT haha...its Montpetit AND/OR/NOT Monpetit BUT Monpetit sounds so much funnier. XD

EDIT2 51 rather than the 15 bus. (I took the 15 lots so XD;

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