Wiccat (wiccat) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Envy, Dante and Hohenheim

It might be because it's too late at night, but this really makes sense to me... So my friend and I were talking in the car and he mentioned something that I've never even though of...

Basically, we were talking about how lately, all the homunculuses (homunculi?) have shown to be... more human, in terms of feelings and emotions, that is. All except for Envy, who pretty much is a bastard and just plain hates humans, Hohenheim most of all.

But he said what if Dante had been stringing Envy along about Hohenheim this entire time? Envy hates Hohemheim for what? Abandoning him? And maybe all this time Dante's been telling Envy lies about Hohenheim to fuel Envy's hatred for him, and humans in general, since a pissed off Envy is a better weapon than a docile one... Also that might be why Dante was so quick to sweep Hohenheim under the carpet before Envy came along, because if those two talked, she would be found out. And did it make sense that she seemed to be looking for him, but when he actually came to her, she "killed" him?

And on top of that, in continuing our sleep deprived discussion, we've decided that Envy wasn't Hohenheim's son... Screw the whole "true father" thing, that was just a red herring used because of the whole Hohenheim-created-him-so-he-is-daddy thing. But who else would be important enough for Hohenheim to break the taboo of human transmutation to bring back from the dead?

...just look at our main characters. We think Envy is really Hohenheim's little brother. dun dun DUUUUUUNNNNN!!! O_O

Okay, yeah, I really am tired... How can I tell? In typing up this post, I kept trying to spell Hohenheim, "Heheheim". So, yeah. Ed's dad is a giggle. @_< *passes out*
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