Zrana (zrana) wrote in fm_alchemist,


Sketched at work.

Okay so here I am, bored at work. A convenient store. So I decided to draw Ed drinking a fountain pop ("soda" to most the rest of the English speaking world -_-), but then I thought I should draw him with human!Al, cuz Al needs more attention (and I wanted to draw human!Al), so I did. And cuz I had Al like that in the picture, I decided Ed should get real!arm back for the drawing to.

But cuz I started teh drawing with Ed in the middle, Al is all off to the side falling off the paper on one side, and getting covered up by Ed on his other side.

Al's only revenge for Ed being in the way of my drawing him is simply thus: Al's taller. Not much, but methinks effective...

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