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Episode 49 summary. In (extreme) detail.

God, that was a lot of work. But I do love the dialogue in this episode...

Episode starts at the Fuhrer’s mansion, where he gives a birthday present to his son Selim, who’s all idol worshippy and formal to his homunculus dad as if he never gets to see him (which is likely the case). Anyway, Selim gets a toy train (considering the fact that he’s the Fuhrer, you’d think Bradley could buy a nicer gift).
Abrupt cut to Al being thrown to the floor by Envy in a bedroom somewhere (no doubt this scene will lead to fangirls writing Envy/Al slash, if such a thing is possible).
Al asks where they are (his arms and legs are currently tied up).
Envy says they are at "that person’s" place and sits on the bed.
Al: "That person? The one who’s making the homunculus search for the Philosopher’s Stone?"
Envy: "Not just that. He/she finds them, gathers them, and (something I don’t understand)."
Al: "He/she’s deceiving the homunculus who want to become human."
Envy: "They’re the ones stupid enough to be deceived."
Al (surprised sound): "And you?"
Envy: "Oh, I know. That person just wants the Philosopher’s Stone for him/herself. And what about it? I’m fine just as long as I can see humans suffer."
Al gets upset and throws himself at Envy, presumably attempting to squash him flat. Envy blocks the attack with one hand and says, "Hey, hey, isn’t that a precious body? Don’t be so careless." He pushes Al back to the floor.
Al: "Shit- guh!"
Envy (holding Al down with his foot): "Do you have any idea how many people died in order for Scar to make you the Philosopher’s Stone? The soldiers who went into Lior, hundreds of them, disappeared in an instant. They didn’t die, they’re all right here." (taps Al’s armor with his foot) "Oh, and didn’t all the people from Ishbal have their lives in Scar’s arm too? Awesome, awesome! Just how many hundreds of thousands of lives are inside you? Gotta use it carefully now!"
Envy kicks Al’s head off. It hits the wall and rolls to the ground.
The sound of a door opening and closing. Envy has left the room.
Al: "I...should have died. That time…(scene of Al’s body disintegrating), and that time...(Lust holding a claw to his blood seal), and that time...(Kimbley turning Al into a bomb). Yet still...why am I alive? Brother...Father..."

(the new Touka Koukan speech)
(Rewrite Opening)
(this program is brought to you by blah blah blah…)

Episode Title: To Beyond the Door

The old church in Central. The Tringham brothers are sitting in the pews, waiting. A door opens. They turn around. Ed enters.
Fletcher: "Edward-san!"
Russel: "What were you doing?"
Ed: "Sorry. it?"
Fletcher: "Yes. This is definetly it."
Ed: "Could you show it to me again?"
Ed looks at the letter.
Russel: "Father was looking for a way to crystallize the red water and came to Central. And he came to start visiting a place called the 5th laboratory and met an alchemist there. That person said there was a way to transmute the red water into the Philosopher’s Stone, and told him about human lives. And also the location of the real laboratory."
Ed: "The 5th laboratory can’t be the doorway to the secret base. There’s actually a much bigger research facility. This definetly must be the place we were looking for."
He steps forward then looks back at the brothers. "I’ll go alone."
Fletcher: "But, I don’t quite understand but, Al-kun is in danger right?"
Ed smiles and says, "It’s okay. He’s just a little lost." He turns away, claps his hands, and transmutes this, umm, thing into a tunnel, and starts to go in.
Russel: "Ed!"
Ed: "Ah?"
Russel: "The reason we showed you this diary isn’t because we want you to make the Philosopher’s Stone."
Ed: "I know. I’m not going there to make the Philosopher’s Stone. Please believe me." (he goes into the tunnel)
The Tringham brothers watch him disappear into the darkness below, sad, suspenseful music playing all the while.
Russel: "Come back. Come back alive!"

Ed is walking down the stairs. He comes to the old ruins with the waterfalls and looks into another doorway leading down, complete with lit candles on the walls. He goes down those stairs too.
Russel voice-over: "According to Father’s diary, if you go down and down from an old religion’s church, suddenly..."
Ed gasps.
A huge city lies before him in an underground cave.
Russel voice-over: "...there was another city hidden right underneath Central. Father estimated it dated from over 400 years ago. There’s a legend that during that time, a city where Central stands now disappeared. Father thought that an alchemist must have done some experiment and trapped the entire city in the ground."
Ed (realizes something): "All the people in a city...use them as a sacrifice for the Philosopher’s Stone...and to hide the fact that everyone disappeared, make the city itself disappear." (he is looking really disturbed now) "There’s someone who thought of something like this?" (yells to the city below) "Is someone there?!"
Silence (well, except for the apocalyptic background music).
Ed: "You’re there, aren’t you? You knew everything, didn’t you? DAD!!!"

Cut to Rose, who’s looking dazed and seems to have heard his voice somehow.
Gluttony is wandering around in the same room looking lost. He looks at Rose and her baby.
Lyla: "No, Gluttony."
Gluttony hurries away.
Lyla: "Be patient." (she sits next to Rose) “This person is my precious body, after all. (she starts touching Rose all over) "How beautiful. No wonder Ed and Al came to like her. That person’s children."
Gluttony (shaking a table impatiently): "What happened to Lust?!"
Lyla: "Oh, I wonder what happened? Oh! We must get the dress ready!"
Gluttony walks away dejected.
Lyla: "We must look beautiful when we welcome them."
There’s a knock. Envy says that someone’s come.
Lyla smiles. "Oh, that was fast."
She and Envy start walking to the door when Wrath bursts out of another door and runs to them. "Where is he?!"
Lyla: "Wrath..."
Envy: "He’s so persistant!"
Lyla: "What’s this about? Isn’t he supposed to be watching over Edward?"
Envy: "That’s what I told him."
Wrath (who has been babbling the whole time): "Please! Hurry, the Philosopher’s Stone-"
Lyla: "Wrath, if you don’t be a good boy I won’t make you human."
Wrath: "There’s no time for that! Mama will...Mama will disappear!"
Lyla: "Mama?"
Envy: "He’s talking about Sloth."
Lyla: "Sloth is not your Mama. Homonculus don’t have mothers."
Wrath: "Bring Mama back to life! Please!"
Lyla: "Don’t say things like a human."
Wrath keeps on pleading with her desperately. Lyla gets annoyed. "Envy."
Envy throws Wrath to the ground. Wrath tries to use alchemy, but Envy stomps on his arm. "What can you do with that body?" he leers.
Lyla watches as Envy lies the smackdown on Wrath.

(commercial break)

A military building in Central. Archernator is wreaking havoc while Izumi hides behind a wall she transmuted.
Archer (robot voice): "MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What power! Though I knew Edward Elric had automail, this is fun."
Izumi: "So people like you are soldiers? Is this why no one realizes the Fuhrer’s identity?!"
Archer: "It’s not too late. Become one of my soldiers."
Izumi: "Hah???" (I feel for you, sensei)
Archer says stuff about getting ready for war.
Izumi: "I’m not interested."
Archer: "Then...DIE!" (yes, he really does say that)
Some fighting. Izumi spews out blood and is nearly killed when Maria Ross, Denny Broche, and some other nameless soldiers come to the rescue. Archer is startled by their treason.
Ross: "Izumi-san!"
Izumi (softly): "Ed..."
Ross and Broche help Izumi to safety while the nameless soldiers keep Archer preoccupied.
Ross: "Those brothers have gone to the location in the letter."
Izumi: "You all believed them?"
Ross: "To believe in children and protect them…that is an adult’s job. I was told that by someone."

Back in the underground city, Ed is walking along when he hears music. He goes to a big building and opens the doors to elegant opera-house style ballroom with chandeliers and junk. He sees Rose dancing in a pretty dress. He stares at her, mildly surprised. "Rose?"
She stops and turns to look at him with creepy, glazed eyes. "Ed...You finally came." (she smiles and blushes very slightly)

Cut to a river side in Rizembool. A tiny lobster thing has Den’s nose in its pincers. Winry pulls it off. "Jeez, have you learned now? Don’t mess with them. You never learn anything until you feel pain!"
Scieska gasps.
Winry: "Huh? What’s wrong?"
Scieska: "I think...I just realized something."
Winry: "What?"
Scieska: "Before Hughes-san passed away, he said...what if everything is reverse? For a long time I didn’t understand..."
Winry: "And you understand now?"
Scieska: "We were thinking that the homunculus were trying to make the Philosophers’s Stone, but if that’s reversed..."
Winry: "Eh?"
Scieska: "They take it away when it’s about to be completed, then erase all the evidence. Rumors remain, that anyone who comes close to the Philosopher’s Stone meets ruin, soon people will come to fear the Philosopher’s Stone..."
Winry: "...and won’t look for it anymore..."
Scieska: "Ah, but that’s almost like they’re good people isn’t it?! Since they’re making people stay away from the stone~!"
Winry: "Also, no matter how dangerous, wouldn’t humans still search for it?"
The lobster thing threatens Den again. The three start walking somewhere, possibly back home.
Scieska: "I wonder how Edward-san and the others are doing?"
Winry: "They’re probably getting along together. That’s the only thing certain."
Scieska: "Something that stops pain...but the only one to have something like that is God."

Cut back to the ballroom. Rose is dancing with Ed. XD
Edward is looking very awkward. "R-Rose, why are you here...?"
Rose (with the same creepy eyes and dazed voice): "I was waiting for you...always...always...Ed, I..."
Ed (blushing and looking oh so cute): "Rose..." (then he snaps out of it and jumps away) "Rose, was Al brought here? What is this place?"
The sound of a baby crying. They turn around. Lyla, also wearing a dress, is holding Rose’s baby.
Rose: "Baby..."
She hurries over. Lyla hands it to her.
Lyla (to Ed): "You should dance with her. She’s been waiting for you the whole time since she ran away here." (And does anyone know what ‘Nikui hito’ means? I’m thinking ‘Beloved person,’ but I’m not sure. Anyway, that’s what she calls him.)
Ed (all serious): "Lyla, you brought Rose here?"
Lyla: "They say it’s a city known only to old alchemists. I heard it from Dante-sensei."
Ed: "About Dante, I still haven’t heard why she was killed."
Lyla: "She was killed by that homunculus named Greed. Didn’t I say that?"
Ed: "That’s a lie."
Lyla: "A lie?"
Ed: "The transmutation circle left in Dante’s mansion is one used to stop a homunculus’s movements. There was also the bones of Greed’s former body. Greed shouldn’t have been able to touch Dante."
Lyla: "Is that so? But Dante died, that’s for certain."
Ed: "If what was there was only the remnants of her soul..."
Lyla: "What are you saying?"
Ed: "If there were a person who switched from body to body for hundreds of that time, you faked your own death and possessed Lyla’s body! Isn’t that right?!"
Lyla (acting all innocent): "Ed! Stop it! I-"
Ed claps his hands, transmutes a spear out of the floor, and throws it at Lyla. Lyla also claps her hands and makes it disintegrate in midair.
Lyla (looking peeved): "That’s dangerous."
Ed: "When did you see the Gate, Lyla? You transmuted without a circle. That is the answer, Dante!"
Lyla: "When did you figure it out, Edward Elric?"
Ed: "Is it true?"
Lyla: "I’ve really come to like this body."
Ed: "How many is it now?"
Lyla: "I don’t know, (something I don’t understand). That’s why I need the Philosopher’s Stone, after all."
Ed: "You used the people of this city and created the Philosopher’s Stone."
Lyla: "The city in the east that disappeared in a single night is the same. I’ll tell you, the one who made it wasn’t me."
Ed: "Hohenheim of the Light."
Lyla: "You shouldn’t call your own father something like that."
Ed: "Was he living the same way all this time? For what reason?!"
(screen starts spinning around)
Lyla: "Because we have (something I don’t understand)."
Ed: "You created the Philosopher’s Stone in secret, then used it so you could live longer! Do you think that would be forgiven?!"
Lyla: "Humans cannot use the Philosopher’s Stone."
Ed: "That’s why you leave rumors that when people come close to the Philosopher’s Stone, they fall to ruin?"
Lyla: "Yes. So humans won’t come close to the Philosopher’s Stone. But still I take it from people who come close at the last minute, and use it carefully. Because you don’t know what humans will do if they get the Philosopher’s Stone. I’m trying to keep this world from being destroyed by foolish humans. You could say I’m living to protect the world. So that humans won’t do foolish things with the Philosopher’s Stone."
(screen flips back to Ed)
Ed: "Don’t be ridiculous! You’re a human!"
Lyla: "Not anymore."
Suddenly, Gluttony bursts into the room. "LUST! Where are you? Lust!"
Lyla: "How unfortunate. I was looking forward to being in this girl’s body and having a romance with Hohenheim’s son." (pets Rose)
Ed: "So this time it’s Rose’s body?!"
Lyla: "Yes. Since I have hold of the Philosopher’s Stone again."
Ed (gasp): "Al?! Where’s Al?!"
Gluttony: "Lust! What happened to Lust?!"
Lyla: "Why don’t you ask him, Gluttony?"
Gluttony lunges at Ed and bites his (right) arm, still screaming about Lust despite his mouth being full.
Ed: "She’s dead. It’s my fault."
Gluttony: "Lust...died?"
Ed: "Yes. One of your friends, Wrath, sealed her."
Gluttony lets go of Ed and stumbles back in shock.
Lyla: "Gluttony?"
Gluttony repeats Lust’s name over and over. Lyla calls to him, but he walks away, devastated.
Ed turns back to Lyla. "Let’s go!" He claps his hands and runs toward her.
Lyla also claps her hands and transmutes a snake from the floor that goes to attack Ed, who in the meantime has transmuted his arm into a blade, dodges the snake by jumping, and runs up the snake’s back toward Lyla. With a leap, he slices the front of Lyla’s dress open.
Her chest is rotting away.
Ed: "I thought so. You cannot continue just repeatedly transferring souls. It’s equivalent trade! It’s a rebound from doing something stupid for so long!"
Lyla (fixes her dress): "Equivalent trade? You still believe in that children’s lie?"
Ed: "It’s not a lie! It’s alchemy’s- this world’s law! Didn’t you say that too? In order to obtain something, you must sacrifice something of equal value!"
Lyla: "It’s just something you say to children. Like ‘that’s wrong,’ or ‘that’s a waste.’ But there’s no such thing as equivalent trade."
Ed: "No way!"
Lyla: "In order to obtain something, you must sacrifice something of equal value? In that case, if you pay a sacrifice, do you obtain something?"
Ed: "That’s right! That’s why people work to pay that sacrifice!"
Lyla: "But that’s strange. Because even if you pay a sacrifice, you won’t necessarily obtain the same thing you’ve lost."
Ed (at a loss for words): "That’s..."
Lyla: "Take the State Alchemist Admission Exam. In order to pass it, countless people spend time studying. That’s the sacrifice. But in reality, only a few will pass. Similarily, even if you study alchemy, there are still differences in talent." (puts her hands together) "Also, human’s lives are no different."
Lyla makes the snake grab Rose’s baby and hold it in its mouth.
Lyla: "If it stays like that, the baby will die."
Ed: "Stop it!"
Lyla: "It’s very easy to kill. Then was that child born merely to die? That child is paying the sacrifice of working hard to survive. But all it obtains in return is death? There are people who continue living despite having killed many other people. No matter how hard humans try, they will die when they have to. Compared to those who make no effort and continue living, it’s rather wasteful, isn’t it? This world is very cruel, isn’t it? Though it can be said that's what makes it beautiful."
Ed: "Cut it out!"
He claps his hands, makes the snake disintegrate, catches Rose’s baby, and hands it back to her.
Lyla: "Equivalent trade is something failures created to console themselves! Even though once paying the sacrifice, they should become even happier."
Ed: "This child doesn’t need to atone for anything!" (I think that’s what he said, anyway)
Lyla gives him a sly look. "You really are father and son."
Ed is taken aback, then looks at Rose’s baby, whose belly glows with an array.
Suddenly, he is standing before the Doors of Truth. He blacks out.

Ed opens his eyes. "What? Wha...what’s going on?" He’s looking around at his surroundings, which are altogether...unfamiliar. "Huh? My eyes-" He rubs his eyes with his right hand, then gasps when he realizes it is flesh and blood. He looks around really frantic-like, then sees his reflection in a mirror.
And whoah, WTF, his hair is shorter and he’s wearing different clothes! Shocked, Ed approaches the mirror and says, "Who’s this?"
There’s a loud siren. "What’s that?"
A door opens in the room and Hohenheim enters! "Edward-kun! What are you doing? It’s an attack!"
Outside, the sky is red and people are screaming and running away from something. It is a city that looks remarkably like the London of our world...
"Hurry!" Hohenheim drags Ed outside.
Ed pulls away. "Wait! Dad, why are you here? Where am I?"
Hohenheim: "Dad...? Edward-kun, what are you saying?"
Ed: "Weren’t you at Dante’s place? What is this place? What happened to me?! This face, this hand-"
Hohenheim grabs Ed by his face and examines him closely. He is looking very serious now. "Are son Edward?"
Ed pushes him away. "Of course!"
Hohenheim: "Why are you here?"
Ed: "That’s-"
There’s an explosion somewhere. They both look up. Hohenheim then grabs Ed’s arm and runs. "Let’s go, they’re coming!"
They run down the street.
Ed: "Who’s ‘they’?"
Hohenheim: "The zepplins!"
Ed: "Zepplins?"
Another big explosion, this time closer. Ed looks back, and is shocked. A few zepplins are looming into view above the nearby houses...

(I Will Ending)

Ed: "Hagane no Renkinjutsushi!"
Al: "Episode 49: Death."
(Creepy music, and a scream.)

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