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the letter in epi49...

So I was bored and wondering what exactly it said on the letter...

Here's the image:

And here's what I can figure out (I line break how it does in the image, so it's easier to follow):

Version 2--it now makes more sense @@;

Dear Russel and Fletcher,

To travel faster and for yet greater
distances is surely (me?) of (___) (___) (___)
of humankind. The railway that was
created in Britain in the early nineteenth
century were a significant advance
toward the realization of (___)
for ship for (bicycle?) for automobiles
and for aeroplanes.

(___) (___) to (___) (___) ability
to exchange and to process large
amounts of information over a distance
(___) at (___).

From Nash

It might not make a difference what it says overall, but it does seem to give hints to the alternate universe Ed's in now. If anyone else can figure out any words of the words I missed, or think something says something else, just point it out.

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