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Sept 2, 1916

Did we ever confirm what Sept 2, 1916 was? If it was, I missed it.... ^_^ but here it is


Ernst Lehmann, who would later command the ill-fated Hindenburg, commanded several airships during the Great War - the Z XII in the Polish theatre and, later, the LZ 98 which participated in the largest Zeppelin raid on London on 2-Sep-1916. Sixteen airships of both the army and navy set off to attack London. Of these, only thirteen would reach their targets. The raid was less than successful with the Schutte-Lanz SL 11 being lost to enemy fire.

I saw the zeppelins coming over the houses and went "I'm having Social Studies flashes..... o_o maybe zeppelins could be a keyword to that date!". It seems to have been a great help. ^^

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