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hime1999's Roy as a boy picture inspired me to write this. Just a drabble, I guess.</span>





Mei-Yun quickly grabbed her young boy’s trembling hand. The Xing woman quickly dodged through the crowd, coughing, trying to find their way to their train, the sun setting through the cracks in the ceiling. She looked down at the young boy, his short black hair was dismayed. He had been running in circles, not knowing where he was going. They boy was scarred.

But his mommy wasn’t.

The pretty woman turned to her son, he smiled an innocent smile, and she smiled back. He deserved better then this, she thought. She felt like crying looking at his adorable smile. She began to cough again. She needed to find that train.

After running up some stairs, the woman saw the train. It was pulling in. She wouldn’t make it. She quickly hoisted the short boy by his waist, and began to ran. The floor was slippery and dust with what Mei-Yun did not what to think of. She saw and thought of the old, beat up train, to Amethyrst, going to bring her son out of this disgusting place. She was alone with her son now, his father disappearing when her Son was even younger, and her son did not yet understand where his father had gone, and Mei-Yun rather he not know of it.

And she was at the train, and she hoisted the boy and landed him onto the stair of the train.

"We made it." She told the young boy, smiling. Mei-Yun let go of the boy’s hand. And the small child grabbed it back.

"Come on! Let’s go!" he said, innocently, tugging her arm. Mei-Yun handed her young son a note, folded carefully.

"You give this to the conductor. He’s know what to do." she said, patting his handed closed. She turned away and coughed, this one was a thick cough, and a tear streamed down her face.

"Mommy? What’s wrong? What aren’t you coming?" the boy asked, confused. Mei-yun shed another tear.

"I can’t come with you now. I can’t afford it. But I’ll be there soon, in Amethyrst. I have people to take care of you until I get there. And when I do, we’ll be a happy family." she said, crying. "Now go, Roy. I’ll be with you soon, even when on the train."

The young boy didn’t understand, she was going to be with him, but not on the train, he thought. Why? Why would he not be with his mommy?" but, it was no time. The conductor run the bell, and the doors started to close. Mei-Yun embraced her son, and kissed him on the head. "Goodbye, Roy." she whispered, as one of the people on the train took Roy’s hand and walked him onto the train. She was on her knees now, and she waved. The train departed, and she just waved. Then, she coughed again.

The train from Xing to Amethyrst took around one week, so when Roy got out the train, he was disoriented. Until two people, one with brown hair, and the other blonde, approached him. "Roy?" they inquired the young boy.

"Yes?" the boy answered, looking up at the two.

"We’re the Mustangs, Roy. We’re going to be your new mommy and daddy." they said leaning down.

Roy was confused, and added. "But I already have a mommy! Why do I need a new one?"

The blonde woman looked at her husband, who was looking at the ground. She looked at the confused boy. "Roy.. Your mommy died six days ago. She was sick. She died a day after she put you on the train." The woman handed the boy a picture, of Roy, Mei-Yun, and his father.

"She sent this beforehand, Roy. She wanted you to have it."


Sorry if there's really bad grammar. Point it out and I'll fix it.


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