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oC is the eviiil~ (enedo again.. what else.. by piyo ..ha ?)

xD; Nah actually it's not. *squeeze*

Okay ekkusu_no_aya , you said something about Ed jumping him like a puppy~~GWAHAAHA~
That cracked me up. xD
Unfortunately it cracked me up SO BAD that I couldn't draw it because I was laughing all the time.. x3;
So in the meaning of puppy Ed who I was not able do draw (yet!).. comes a really quick oC-doodle. xD;;
(lot of mistakes I was to lazy to correct.. hope you'll enjoy anyways.. x3;; )

+ The enedo stuff I usually draw is far far away from that level of sweetness.. xD;; So I'm not good with stuff like that. haha..

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