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Height speculation

I looked at mikkeneko's icon and suddenly thought, "Hey, how tall is Roy?"

So Ed (in boots, with antenne) is one head shorter than Roy. I am one head shorter than my BF and we are about 15 cm different (please bear me with the metric system because I have no idea how to do the other one). So that means Roy should be 165cm + 15cm = 180cm at the most. Hmm... not bad.... And Hughes is only a few centimeters taller than Roy.

To make it short, these are my speculation of their heights:

Roy = 175cm - 180cm
Hughes = 180cm - 185cm
Havoc = 180cm - 185cm
Armstrong = 205cm - 210cm
Hawkeye = 170cm - 175cm
Winry = 165cm - 170cm

/proscastination attempt

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