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Another FMA comparison

Since I ramble, I cut. :D

But not for me, as the professor I have this term that's teaching this classic piece of literature does not like "comparison" papers. *sigh*

Anyway, I was glancing through Mary Shelley's Frankenstein today, and in it, Shelley has Victor mention the Philosopher's Stone in passing. I believe he was talking about ultimate goals. Anyway, that got me thinking...FMA and Frankenstein actually have a whole lot in common when you get to the basics.

Here's a brieeeeef synopsis:

From a young age, Victor Frankenstein (Edward Elric) read higher-level books, basically self-teaching himself since his father (mother) didn't know anything about science (alchemy). He loses his mother before he goes to "college" (Edward just loses his mother, but the scene where Victor's mother dies resembles Trisha's death), and at college pursues the things he read about growing up. The teacher (Izumi) there tells him that he's wasted his time learning the wrong things, and must re-learn them from scratch. Propelled by a desire drawn from his own mother's death and the desire to see if he can (who can say Edward wasn't trying to "outdo" his father?), Victor strives to find a way to bring people back from the dead using parts accumulated from different sources (in Edward's case, the basic components of a person). He succeeds, but the result is the Creature (Sloth), a thing not quite human, but very alive. Victor feels intense guilt at creating this thing, which eventually escapes, and much later on, takes the life of the person he cared for most, Elizabeth (Alphonse...ignore the implication XD). He then spends the rest of his life on a mission of pennance or revenge, depending on how you look at it (in Edward's case, they go on a journey to get the Philosopher's Stone so he can undo the wrong he did to his brother).

The anime at least has (thankfully) deviated from the ending, as Edward outlives Sloth.

Hmm...I'll have to put this one on the backburner. It would make a good essay. Who says anime isn't educational?

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