Wiccat (wiccat) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Backlog of sketches

Okay, so while I was at Becky's, I did a couple of sketches. Here they are in no particular order:

Oh, if the pics don't show up, just reload. Photobucket's being a major pain in the arse.

This is the one I drew for winter_ruins's fanfic. Bwahahaha, you guessed right, I did draw the scene where Envy killed Ed XD

This was from a while back when someone had mentioned something about an Envy x Ed x Gluttony threesome...

And this one was what prompted that whole crack rp that winter_ruins and I did... It's posted in her journal, but unless you're a friend, it's locked.

Lastly, this was a little sketchy I did last night because artw0lf drew an Ed angel... and she did that cause she couldn't get that damn Placebo song out of her head cause I've been continuously playing the stupid thing XD

Forgot this one... just a doodle of Wrath.

Crossposted in my personal journal.

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