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Ed's Birthday, Name information, and random...

Hello community >3

I don't know if anyone's put these pieces together yet. I can't say I've stumbled upon this information anywhere else other than my own Notepad document (but then again I don't look very hard o_o). I figured since I don't ever see myself having time to put together a webpage for this information, I'd share it with the community ^_^ I'm sure someone can use it.

... Has Ed's birth date ever been given? o_O I think this answer is no. So I'll draw my own conclusions for that... and then everything else spawns out of that date.

I would not be surprised if Edward's birthday was January 17, 1899. I'd put a lot of money on that date, if I had money to put out ^^;. Edward's birthday (and Elysia's) would have to be near the end of January, because it's not February. The boy's performed the transmutation of their mother Feb 2, 1910 and were 10 and 11 respectively. Still in October (when they burnt their house) they were 10 and 11. At this time Gracia was 5 months pregnant, so Jan 17 is nearly 9 months - thus coincidential January birthdays. Ed would HAVE to be 12 for Feb 2, 1911

Why January 17, 1899? This is the birthday of a very famous person named Al Capone. This is where the first names of the FMA character's comes about. Al Capone's real name is Alphonse Capone.

Alphonse Capone had a nickname he detested due to a knifing insident that left him with a gash on his face. From then onwards he was given the nickname Scarface (Scar... scar has a scar on his face... etc).

Alphonse Capone had a corrupt lawyer working for him named Easy Eddie. Easy Eddie's job was to keep Al Capone out of jail at all costs. Easy Eddie's read name was Edward O'Hare - father of Butch O'Hare who was a famous WWII pilot who faught against the Japanese Zeros. O'Hare Airport is named after him. (I believe the FMA last names are from WWII planes? *connects dots*)

In 1918 Al Capone married a lady by the name of Mary Caughlin - who went by the nickname of "Mae" (... oh boy XD;)

Al Capone hired on a gentleman by the name of Alex Louis Greenberg to buy out Malt-Maid (later known as the Manhattan Brewing Company) and do other corrupt business for him.

Police Cheif Hughes was highered to get rid of the corruption the Chicago police system XD;;; but ended up being corrupted himself. (Hughes was also the name of one of those WWII planes the last names are based off, but I threw him in cause his name came up).

The boy he hired to drive him around in his fancy car was named Roy.

Mmm... I haven't had much time to do research to find more associated names since I originally compiled all this... so feel free to help the list out ^_^. I'd thought I'd had a few more from the Al Capone connection, but there was nothing more in my document o_O.

Some final thoughts... I'm going to guess Al's birthday is December 30th, because he and Ed are pretty much a year appart, and December 30th was the day Al Capone got married ^^; it looks like a good date, and Al is a good Capricorn. He could also have been born Dec 25 - I also like this date because FMA has run episodes over the Christmas season twice and not done any celebrating for it what so ever. If Al's birthday is on Christmas, and the series were to have a Christmas episode, they'd end up having to mention Al's birthday (and then we'd have an actual date for someone! God forbid we get that much information on anyone XD;).

As a footnote - When Ed O'Hare was killed (by Al Capone for betraying him), they found a poem in his pocket... the poem he had makes me think of our Ed Elric

The clock of life is wound but once
And no man has the power
To tell just when the hands will stop
At late or early hour.
Now is the only time you own.
Live, love, toil with a will.
Place no faith in time.
For the clock may soon be still.

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