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The Real Hohenheim

I don't think this has ever been posted. . .

I was rereading the Full Metal Alchemist manga this morning & I began to wonder if Arakawa Hiromu (by the way, isn't it shocking that she's a SHE?) was basing the series on historical figures like Nane Kurono did for Peacemaker Kurogane. Seems like she did. Hohenheim was an alchemist that existed back in the day. Here are a few links

Link 1

Link 2

Alchemy History if anyone's interested.

There was an Ehrlich that existed named Paul Ehrlich. From what I've skimmed through he's a bio professor at Stanford. I don't know if Ed & Al's characters are based on him tho.

I wonder if the info on Paracelsus gives us any insight on future plot developments.

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