Adam Dachis (adachis) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Adam Dachis

September 2nd, 1916

Well, believe it or not...

I generally like to wait for someone else to bring up these questions and then read what people have to say but I'm suddenly impatient.

According to Sonchou-Shinsen: "Episode 49: Beyond the Gate. 1916 A.D., September 2nd. A devil in the shape of 14 units covers London's sky."

Added: "(You should go do some research on the date...)"

While I only looked for about fifteen minutes, I couldn't find anything relevant that occurred on September 2nd, 1916. 1946, maybe (Japan, not London), but not 1916. Anyone know what this is about?

I'm gathering from what Dante/Lyra said in episode 45 (I think) that the story is going to go the route of the FMA world being a future about 400 years after this 1916 stuff. I'd prefer it didn't, but that's what I'm picking up from it. If anyone has a good reason why not, please tell me, because I'd much rather believe in that.

Anyway, I'm curious what people think about this, what happened on that day, and what effect it'll have on the series.

Also, one last thing: is the last episode 51 or is there a 52? I was originally under the impression that 51 would be the last episode but then I kept hearing 52. While I really want to know how the story ends, I think with everything they have left to say, a 52nd episode would probably be necessary--that's not to say I think they'll do it. Too many series end prematurely. I think FMA took the right amount of time though...

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