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Confusion over fan reaction to 48

On Edward's apparent "apathy" to Al.

I'm confused where everyone seems to get the idea that Ed 'no longer cares' about Al? We all seem to be going on and on about how he's unaffected by Al's being kidnapped, which I didn't see AT ALL. He does just stand back and let Alphonse be taken, Edward tries to run after Envy but is held back by Wrath and the sin gets away. Following that, Ed has no idea where to start looking. Is the common assumption that Ed just up and decides to go for Pride for a totally unrelated reason? The point is that he doesn't know where Envy lives and therefore has no clue as to tracking Al. However, he does know where Pride's stronghold is, so as a first step he heads there. If Al isn't there, maybe he can deduct another point from the Furher and move on. He wasn't just taking his time before the location of the Homunculus' hideout very luckily fell into his lap- he was going after the only clue he had. It's a first step and a smart one, opposed to- what were people expecting? Ed to run around crying and screaming about Al being missing and not make any progress towards finding Al? To me it was the strongest example that Edward's grown up. He takes calm and logical steps towards finding Al, a very adult thing to do in times of crisis.

I just don't see where everyone seems to read his collected attitude about this as a sign of a stronger 'rift' between Elric kyoudai. Could anyone possibly explain if there's some major event that I'm missing, thus proving me dead wrong?

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