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Is it just me or... (48 discussion)

Wow, 48 was.. crazy to say the least. That Archer bit was TOTALLY unexpected. Jeeeeez, I hope Sensei is alright!
Anyhow.. is it just me... Or.. well.. Do you think Ed is sort of... preparing for Al's loss? It feels like.. He's beginning to realize that the loss of Al's body(and perhaps what should've been the loss of Al) was merely a part of equivalent trade. Just like, the way he acted when Al was kidnapped(again). No chasing, just sort of letting him go... No real emotions towards it. Another thing is, he talked about destroying the philosopher's stone and about not accomplishing what they had set out to do. Is it just me, or is Ed sort of beginning to accept that he could never bring Al back, and possibly sin again?

BTW, in the preview for the next episode, I really think the older looking Ed fellow is Envy's original form!

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