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Oi, newbie here!!

Hiya all!! I'm a newbie to this community! I am totally obsessed with Fullmetal Alchemist now. I am only on episode 41. I have 42 but the quality is really bad. So I am having trouble watching it without the entire picture becoming jarbled and me cussing at my computer screen. >:P

Um, I just have a random question/theory...
All right, you know how Wrath has Ed's leg and arm. What happens if some homunculus has Al's body somewhere? Is that possible? Or am I just thinking this through too much?

When I saw the episode where Ed was at the Gate, I was a little confused by it. How did Wrath become a humonculus with only Ed's leg and arm? Were Lust and the others created the same way? By taking the body-parts the alchemists sacrificed? ...but maybe I'm just lookiing too much into it? Or maybe that will be explained later...(if so..don't spoil it for me. Just tell me that it'll be explained later ^^;; )
I'm just confused.....

^__^ Thanks!!

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