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The preview to Episode 49

Alright, this is my first official topic here, and I wouldn't normally waste your time, but at the prodding of mother I've decided to voice everything.

Okay, so here is the whole down low that I've noticed.

In the preview, notice that the first image after the shimmering flashing text is to the back of Hoenheim's head, and a blonde headed boy (Edward's hair colour), with the classic "Elric eyes" and his hair is short.

Now what this means, is for discussion, but I'm pretty sure that a similar theory is going to be repeated. This might just be Alphonse's real body. If someone could take a screencap, it'd be appreciated. I don't have any programs to do so, but I'm still trying desperately to find a way. @_@

So, what are your opinions? Discuss freely! ^^

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