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Yes, that info is from Arakawa-sensei himself. Or precisely, from hints he leaves in side panels of his PoT fan-manga that can be bought at black doujinshi market in Kobe.

Next chapter switches back to Ed and Armstrong on their way to Liesenburg ( that's right girls, that's politically right german word for whatever people call Elric's hometown ). They both discover they have more in common than they could ever imagine.

But uh-oh, Fuu was missing for the past few chapters...yes, you guessed. Ling sent him on a stalking mission, and oh boy, the man is going to get scarred for the rest of his (long enough) life.

And it's still not the end! Mei chan fulfills her mission of catching up to mr.Edward, only to find out she was tricked: Ed is a shrimp with evil face and bitchy attitude, and most of all - he's taken. Too bad, we wish you luck on finding a better man, girl!

That's it, can't wait for next month now, eh?


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