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I excersized my 'extreme dorkness' as I explained it to others.

Another dance pic and when did Ed get a driver's license?

And bad quality avi files!
first part
shorter part
On geocities, don't know how it'll take to linking...

I feel more like a Winry in Ed's clothing playing with hollowed out Automail parts than anything else. They had to turn the DDR machine off to make me leave. I wanted to glomp onto the rail and yell that I didn't want to leave~~~~.

When you're inspired (and just a little crazy) things like this happen. n_n;;

My Ed shoes are not mean for DDRing.. my fee hurt ;_;

The Police 911 game made me think of Hawkeye when I played it... it got me wondering who would play what games at the Arcade. I know Ed and Al wouldn't care for the touch screen games--they don't work for non-flesh body parts.

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