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About the 9/11 post..

Okay, listen up. Those people who are "tasteless" from the 9/11 post:


Now, I don't hate other countries just because I slapped roy on the 9/11 pictures. This is about mourning. You guys are telling me that Roy can't mourn at all? John Pope, French President, the British Prime Minister Tony Blair they have mourn for the victim of 9/11 attack, they can do it. It like I'm american and I can't mourn for other countries at all? Beside, Roy isn't an american, nor european... He doesn't exist! Why can't he mourn over so many people who have die in WTC, Petagon, and Pennsilvanna? Now tell me why? All I'm just trying to do is make these fellow American who have been in this community feel better and lighten up abit. If you don't like it at all why did you get involve? You should have shut up and ignore it or at lease say "Oh that is a nice edit."
I have been through bad time today and now you are making me feel like I'm sinking down to my feet and I know I'm not the only one going through it.. All I'm trying to do is lighten up abit during the depressing day, and thank you for making it worse... Well, Okay! I'll slap Roy mourning for the French people from the war, Arizona Memorial from the Pearl Harbour war, Persian Gulf war, and the attack of the Russian School to make you and your country feel better, and make you feel satified and non-offensive. All, I'm just saying feel free to slap Roy anywhere to make you and your fellow country feel better. He free to everyone. It not like that Roy have "real" feelings and he like a amuse oneself.
However, this got nothing to do with the Ishvar war in FMA nor the political, war in iraq, hunting bin laden, anti-bush, all that government crap in real life. Bringing it up isn't gonna do any good. Althought I dislike getting involve with the political shits and the government. I didn't register to vote either. All I just do is stay out of it and enjoy other thing that I can do.
All I can say is get a grip and don't take things too purposefully. I don't want to be your inquisitor and nor do you.



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