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I swear I was just joking!

Last week when someone commented on how they had seen the Tringham brothers in jail, I commented with:

Russle: **Goes to Roy** I'm Edward Elric. I demand that you help me with --
Roy: ... Crazy bastard. **Throws him in a jail cell so he doesn't hurt himself**

I'm actually scared about how close I was. O_o;; I mean, I can't understand Japanese very well, but from what I can tell was...

Russle: **Goes to random book keeper** I'm the Fullmetal Alchemist. I demand you give me the book for fr--
Guy: **Screams**
Military: **Grabs him and throws him in a jail cell so he doesn't ... I don't know, kill a whole army or something like he 'apparently did'.**

And ohthankgod that no one died. I didn't much feel like crying (I mean, no one besides Sloth, obviously).

I would like to know if anyone could tell me about the exchange between Envy and Wrath, though.

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