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Some thoughts...

-YES! No one dies! So it was THAT kind of Sayonara, eh? ^^
-Quick, everyone, let's go kill the Fuhrer! It'll be fun, come on!
-The Tringham brothers made me laugh. That was actually a neat way to reintroduce them. Bad Russel!
-Ahaha, Hawkeye getting jealous! XD
-Archer the Android! Jeez, what have they done to you? He's like totally messed up now. With the whole robotic voice and laser coming out of his mouth...
-You know, with all these side characters coming back, I'm real surprised Bard hasn't shown up yet. He would have fit in nicely at some point, what with being ex-military and stuff...
-Izumi's right- Ed's grown up. O_O He's like so mature it's scary. But has he forgotten about Al or what? I mean, Al got carried away by Envy but it's like he doesn't even care...that's some rift they've got there. :(
-I liked the scene in the car. Ed and Roy's interaction was nice. Especially the 'handshake.' ^_^
-And the growing AlxWinry fan in me squeeled at how Al stopped in his tracks when Winry/Envy sounded like she/he was about to make a confession.

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