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a request:

::hits delurking button::

Yo. I would be very much pleased and endlessly amused if one of the nice people around here could hand me a link to a scan of that one DVD cover with Roy and Hughes being flaming. I'm sure most people know what I'm talking about, it's the one where Hughe's is in the white suit and has his wrist draped over Roy's shoulder and is gazing at him like [insert fanservice here]. Roy's in a black suit and is holding a glass of something probably alchoholic.

If someone could point me towards the link I would be much appreciative, yahoo searching does not reveal it too me (obviously i don't know exactly what to phrase my request as) and even though I saw it either in this community or fmalchemist once before I haven't been able to find it since, and I wannit! ::pout:: O.O

I'll glomp anyone who can point me in the right direction ^^

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