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More or less cross-posted to mah journal

I drew some more fanart! Cut for some really unforgivable stuff (think Sailormoon), possible spoilers, and size.

Ed in the army uniform (Colored version)
Believe me when I say drawing Ed in the army uniform is ALL THE RAGE out there. I mean, how come he doesn't wear it even though Roy is his boss? And are we sure they didn't have to special-order a bean-sized uniform for Ed?! XDDD *howls* Okay, maybe it's not all the rage, but almost every site I've seen has at least one picture like this.

Hawkeye, kind of
Actually, I've been trying to draw fantasy AU versions of Hagaren people for a while, this is just the first time Hawkeye got involved. Something tells me I didn't really pull it off this time, either. I way overused my secret weapon (big problem). That and I feel bad for putting her in such a boring pose more or less to show off the dress. I have such a fetish for drawing huge, crazy gowns covered in adornment like this. Kind of too bad I had to use Hawkeye to make up for it (because she rocks the planet yes).

Ed Also AU.

EdWin on a swing
GWAR CUTE. It's sketchy. I'm sorry (but not very much).

And...Sailor Fullmetal. No, not Ed. ...and Sailor Flame.
*gets shot by Hawkeye* ;_; She shot me! (...and I'm still happy =_=)

Sailor Fullmetal
Real name: Winley Rockbert
Hissatsuwaza: "God Hand" (and some other assorted stuff like Fullmetal Kick, Fullmetal Punch, Fullmetal Smackdown, etc.)
The stick she's holding there turns into a wrench when she's not transformed (and it does not look like a certain weapon from FFX, NO IT DOES NOT). She's looking for the mysterious Philosopher's Crystal (*dies*), but she also seems to spend a lot of time saving her childhood friend, Edward Elric, from being sacrificed by the Ouroboros (...didn't spell it right...). Oh, MAN.

Sailor Flame
Real name: Liza Hawkeye
Hissatsuwaza: "Kings Flare" (No apostrophe there) "Cinder Hawk"
The operative magic item here is...ahem...the gloves...she puts them on to transform. And she uses them to attack (I didn't draw it, but they have the pattern on them too). Her first priority is defending justice. That thing down in the corner is the utter fruitcake who calls himself "Gunpuku kamen" (GUESS WHO HA HA). He helps her out now and then (and has entirely too much fun doing it), not that she needs it. least it's not Ed and Roy, right? ^^*** RIIIIIIGHT?

There is, in fact, no slash, yaoi or crossdressing in here, as far as I can remember. There IS an EdWin-ish picture.

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