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Hello. Random delurker here!

After chapter 39, I think everyone around is in a RoyxRiza-high. I know I am. And so is my sister, who blackmailed me to do this FanArt in exchange of her actually finishing her EdxWinryxAl lemon fic.

...I just thought I'd share. ^_^; And, arr... the content is NC-17. Well, since you can't actually see anything I'd say more of an R, but still. Not taking any chances.

And, uh, if this is against the rules, I'm sorry. ^_^; Delete it if it is.

My first Oekaki-smut! ...oh God *facepalm*

I made it on MSPaint, and not in a real oekaki board. ^_^; I'm not good at those, either, but they do have better stuff to add more texture or whatever.

Also, the note says "To: Rally From: Bratty. You still owe me my EdxWinryxAl porn." ...I'm sorry *shame*


Back to lurking, now.

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