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New Screenshots of FMA 48 (SPOILERS!!!)

There a bunch of new and different screenshots of episode 48. Click on the link below to see them: Warning Major Spoilers!!!:

1. It's offical. This Winry really is Envy in disguised.
2. Russel & his littler brother are back
3. The Nina Clone is awake?!
4. Armstrong (along with Havoc and Fuery disguised as Hawkeye) are the northern front.
5. At the hosiptal in Central, Mustang disguised himself as Havoc and Hawkeye as boy to fool the nurse.
6. Mustang as Pimp Suit! Roy! >:D
7. Izumi and Ed argue as usual.
8. Russel calls Ed short as usual.
9. Archer is back as half robot!!! WTF!!! His robot half reminds me of Ultraman! >_>;;

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