angsty lemon uke (wabisuke) wrote in fm_alchemist,
angsty lemon uke


I had an FMA dream fragment last night which is a big thing because I either never have FMA in my dreams or I forget it (I forget like 99% of my dreams). And it was disturbing.

I'll keep it short; basically, it had Lyra/Dante and her "twin brother" (he had chin-length navy blue hair and glasses) kissing passionatly after Dante tried to take over Martel's body (it started looking like some kind of fanboy yuri fantasy for some reason. Scar was there, kinda laying half-dead too.) Luckily, our snake lady smacked Dante over and kinda stood there angsting in boxers and a tattered tanktop before Dante moved in...but she was kinda ignored so she got pissed and yelled at them.

I won't try to interprete it.

I should really try to find that dream post from a while back so I can make the website. Boo.

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