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An afterthought:

What might happened next?

  1. Roy might get a promotion for killing Lust?
  2. King Bradley was getting ready to kill anyone who open that 'door'.
  3. Arakwa-sensei will finally give us an explaination of Maria Ross death?
  4. Riza & Roy's love shall flourish and Riza shall nurse him back in health!
  5. Pride will lead the Sins in place of Lust?

Heheh, just some weird thoughts of mine. Another news to share, Arakawa-sensei is coming a manga series named: "Hagaren DX". In it, you get to see all those weird and funny stuff. Such as how Izumi and her hubby met, what will happen if Mustang was a Japanese teacher named "Musuta",etc. If I'm not wrong, it should be 5 volumes. It'll be released on 30th Sept!

EDIT:: I can see... Roy and Havoc lying in the same ward, side by side and there'll be this cute nurse or something... Haha... I think I need to go sleep... ^^"


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