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Okay. Chapter 39 Translation of ALL parts with Roy and Hawkeye. Scenes in order that they appeared.

Remember. You asked for it (this is for YOU, maxthebd-san.) since my attention has gone to pot and my computer patch needs to finish downloading anyway....

Just don't expect fic-flow-coherent. I'm VERY giddy right now. Don't have time for the rest, do don't ask.

Lust : I said so, didn't I...? We have the Philosopher's Stone as our nuclei, and so...compared to you humans, we are closer to the Truth. In terms of evolution, a new form of humanity...?
Lust : I'm sorry. You are an important human sacrifice, so I didn't want to kill you. But since you've meddled in too deeply this time...I cannot let you go.
Roy : Ugh...
Lust : Well....there are still other rats in here, and I have businesses to keep.
Roy : You...bitch...
Lust : Once you have seen your subordinate's body grow colder and colder with your own eyes....then you can die.
Roy : 2nd Lt Havoc! Hey, Havoc! Answer me! ....shit, every keeps...before me...! Do you hear, you ingrate!? I won't allow you to die before me! HAVOC!

Barry : You're late, missy.
Riza : !? This rotting smell..?
Barry : Heheheh, well, I found it. Look at my body, it's rotted this much...
(insert soul revelations and Al PlotPoint!moment. Too lazy to trans)

Lust : So...who will die first? Armor-kun? Or...well, that's really Miss First Lieutenant, isn't it? Your loyalty is truly deep. I'll let you follow your commanding officer soon.
Riza : just said..."I just killed two sacrifices in a night"...did that mean....did that mean...
(Lust smiles)
(Riza realizes)
Riza : bastard? I can't think of a proper "Kisama" for Riza here)
(Riza goes postal. Fires. Runs out of bullets. Mental breakdown. Cries.)
Lust : Is that all?
Lust : Truly foolish and are such sorrowful creatures...
Al : 1st Lt, stand up. Stand up and run. (Actual words : Flee. I like this way better)
Lust : Aren't we being a troublesome you wish to die next?
Lust : have opened the gate. How have to slaughter such a talented human...
Al : Hurry! What are you doing!?
Lust : Do not be such a nuisance, boy. That woman wishes to die!
Al : I won't let you!
Riza : Alphonse-kun, leave me and run away.
Al : No!
Riza : Run! Even if it's just you---!
Al : I won't!
Al : I won't! There's too many....there's too many who died because of my powerlessness! I can't let people I want to protect die in front of me anymore!
Roy : Well said, Alphonse Elric.
Lust : Wh, what is this!?
Roy : "When having the initiative, strike first to cripple your enemy's movements"...a surprise attack is also valid. Remember that.
Roy : Now kneel, Homunculus.
Lust : The flint from the lighter....and a transmutation drawn in blood on his bare hand?
Lust : How did you stop the bleeding---!?
Roy : I roasted it to close off the wound! Even though I had to pass out two or three times...
Riza : Colonel---!
Al : No, First Lieutenant!
Roy : You said it yourself, didn't you. "I won't die with just this". Well, so I'll just kill you until you truly die.
Lust : *scream noise*
Lust : I lost.
Lust : Although it's's not bad at all to be killed by a man like you. Those eyes that look straight ahead without losing their way....I like it. (If you are particularly twisted, that could also mean Lust telling Roy she likes him.) It would be fun....the day those eyes would be bathed in suffering...soon....
(Lust dies. PS breaks down. Roy falls)
Riza : Colonel!
Riza : Be strong, sir!
Roy : Ahh, so you're safe, First Lieutenant?
Riza : Please worry about yourself first!
Roy : Alphonse...I have to thank you for protecting my subordinate...
Al : There's more important things! We have to get you to a doctor!
Roy : Ah, yes....hurry and call a doctor for Havoc...please....

And that's it for the Roy and/or Hawkeye scenes!

Crossposted, fm_alchemist fma_het.

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