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And I'm back... with the spoilers...

This issue's Gan Gan magazine came with a free FMA DVD II. And the scene of Chapter 39 opens at the gates of the lab/hospital. Soldiers stood guard and was saying something about wondering if Mustang is alright. And when the backup will come.

Just then a car drove up and King Bradley stepped out of it. He withdrew his sword. And the soldiers asked if he needed backup. But Bradley said he was alright by his own. And he started toward the entrance...

The scene switched to where it was left off the last chapter. Lust still had her talons stabbed into the sides of Mustang. She was saying something about that was the power of the Philosopher's stone. She withdrew her talons and Mustang fell to the floor. She took off his glove and slashed it into small pieces. Mustang could do nothing but curse. He turned to the motionless Havoc and called out to him while Lust walked out of the place smiling.

The scene switched to the streets where Lan Fang and Ling Yao was fighting Envy and Gluttony. Lan Fang stabbed Envy in his sides but he regenerated the next sec. Ling Yao was being chased by Gluttony and was calling for his sword. He got his sword and slashed Gluttony into half but it did no harm to Gluttony.

Envy was furious. He started saying how they had not seen his true form yet. A voice came on. I think it's Bradley. Envy and Gluttony stopped their attack and withdraw. By the time they were gone, then Ling Yao and Lan Fang realised they forgotten to ask about the way of immortality.

Hawkeye and Al had reached the basement of the building. No. 66 had killed the guy using his on body. There was a foul stench as they approached Barry. Lust appeared. She slashed No. 66's head. And I think she transported his soul back into his old body.

Lust turned to Hawkeye and said how she had to kill 2 people in a night and that Hawkeye should follow the footsteps of her superior (Mustang). Hawkeye was furious. She took out her pistol and started shooting at Lust. When the rounds were used up, she took out another but soon she was out of bullets as well. Tears flowed down her cheeks as dropped down to the floor. Lust charged and Al stepped up to block her with his armored arm.

Al told Hawkeye to run. But she refused to. Al transmuted a spear out of the ground and Lust commented how he must had opened the 'door'. They fought for a while. At the point, Al had lost his lower jaw armor plate and several parts.

He could not hold up any longer. He transmutated a wall and he held Hawkeye with him and hid behind it. An injured Roy stepped up and 'fired' at Lust. His shirt was opened and his side was bleeding. He had used Havoc's lighter as a 'media' to produce the flames. Hawkeye tried reaching out for Roy from behind the wall but Al held her back. He continued firing at Lust asking her to kneel down. She pointed her nails at Roy's forehead. She did not charge instead she smiled and said she had no regrets as she turned into dust with the Philosopher's stone.

Roy dropped to the floor. And Hawkeye rushed to his side, holding him up, tears still welling up in her eyes. Roy asked Hawkeye to call for the medics for Havoc.

Bradley had been listening all along. When everything was over, he walked away quietly, without showing himself. When he got outside, he ordered the men to call for two ambulances.

Everyone left and Barry sat up in his own body. He found his armor plate with his soul transmutation circle. He used his nails and scratched it. And he died. Winry waited outside the hotel for Alphonse. Al came back all broken and he said, "I'm back." The crying Winry managed, "Welcome back."

Whew! I hope it's not too longwinded. ^^" I was so affected by this chapter that I didn't have the appetite to have my lunch... Ehehe...


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