mikkeneko (mikkeneko) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Son of wacked-out theories!

On lost bits and homonculi.

Sooo, now we know that Bruce did indeed lose body parts when he created Lust. We have Ed, who lost his arm and leg, Izumi, who lost her internal organs, and Bruce, who lost his manbits. Oh yes, and Al, who lost his body. We've seen Ed's arm and leg show up attached to a homonculus body, because the homonculi come from beyond the gate, where the lost body parts go.

Do you suppose we'll see Izumi's bits or Bruce's bits turning up attached to any of the other homonculi?

The biggest problem here, I know, is the timing, but I still wonder.

Wrath: Hey lookie, we all know I've got Ed's body parts, but guess what else I got!
Lust: ...*stare*...
Wrath: Ed's limbs allow me to do alchemy, so guess what this one lets me --
Lust: *SLICE*
Wrath: *howls*

...but seriously.
Worse, do you think we'll see a homonculus turning up wearing Al's body? Creepy thought.

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