Wiccat (wiccat) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Cosplay stuffs

Okay, I mentioned a while ago that the costume company I belong to is going to produce Ed jackets and military uniforms to sell soon, and I got some good responses. We've been researching the best designs for the costumes as well as picking out some great fabric. So those who want to order one or the other may do so. We are an official cosplay company (some of you might have seen us at conventions, we're Distorted Visions Studios and we sell cat ears XD) so you can expect quality stuff.

Pictures will be coming soon, as we have to hunt down the digital camera. The materials have a very nice feel to it and a good weight. The flammel symbol on Ed's jacket will be pounced on, so it will stay vibrant even after several washings. Jackets will cost $175. Uniforms have yet to be priced.

Priority will be given to those who need it by Yaoi-con. Interested people can email me at The.Sin.Envy@gmail.com

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