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New fullmetal alchemist fanbook-and question.

Did anyone get the latest issue? I very nearly bought it yesterday but in the end preferred 2 vols. of Angel Sanctuary- Shame on me, I know xD. And I know everybody wants to hear about my life xD.
But there's a pretty beautiful grand majestuous and a lot of superlative other adjectives pretty poster of the Sins on it *_*.
And a biiiggie Envy and a biggie Moofy *_*. So i was wondering if anyone had bought fanbook thingie/scanned it.

Also, my friend and me were thinking about doing Moofy and Envy costumes for a hallowe'en party (cause if we were Sloth and Lust, we'd be mistaken for two Morticia Adams -.-). So did anyone had a clear picture of how Moof's costume was in the back?
(Yes I know, it's in the fanbook, I have no shame T_T).

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