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Hey everyone! I'm back from AnimeFEST, and I had a great time. ^.^ To all the people at AFEST who commented on my Al pillow-- hi! I love you guys! And I'm sorry if you didn't get a cookie-- I'm shy, so I have to work up the nerve for it, and sometimes I couldn't. -.-;

Anyway, I got all kinds of Fullmetal Alchemist stuff, including figurines of Roy and Hawkeye. The dealer had them set up so Hawkeye was pointing her gun at Roy's head, and I found that amusing. ^.^ Also got a fan, and one of those tins with the notepad inside-- surprisingly, the one tin I bought had one of the pictures I was really hoping for, though I thought they were all nice.

And, um... If anyone has/sees pictures of the Edward with the Al pillow (I think I was the shortest Edward there, BTW-- someone actually thanked me for being a short Ed x.x), please point those out. It would be much appreciated. ^.^ I was also walking around with a red-haired Winry in her travel outfit.


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