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Question, theory, pimpage

First off, my question: I think it was mother who posted it, but someone posted a 'recipie' for the Philosopher's Stone (the real alchemy way of making it) month's ago. Could they give me the linkage or something?

Second off, my theory:

There's a lot of questioning about Winry at the end of this episode. I know for a while I thought she was Envy, too. Then I rewatched it and her smile isn't Envyish. I mean, even when he was Gracia, his smile was more devious, and here it looks sincere.

I'm aboutu 50/50 on if she's real or not. But I think if she is, she's smiling because of how much the boys have matured, or something along those lines.

Third off, pimpage. My friend created a new FMA community. So now I'm pimping it for her. haganenokokoro.

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