Mike (finnell1912) wrote in fm_alchemist,

More Alchemist DVD Information

Taken from Anime On Dvd.

Summary of Below:
  • 13 discs.
  • 4 Episodes per-disc.
  • $29.98 recommeneded price point.
  • Broken into 3 box sets, seperated into 5/4/4 disc groups.
  • Each box set will have some sort of bonus material.
  • First disc to be released January 18th, 2005.

    I was reading comments on Anime News Network where I first seen this story and someone made a comment about why the "52nd" episode wasn't licenced. Someone replied saying that "Episode 52 is a 90 minute episode, and I have a fealing it will be linced as a movie insted." Anyone heard any news about episode 52 either way? I know orignally it was said to be 52 then it seemed to shrink down to 51.

    FUNimation has licensed Galaxy Railways (it will be a late 2005 release).
    Spiral and Full Metal Alchemist will be 4 episodes per disk (6 disks and 13 disks, respectively), and at a 29.98 price point. Fruits Basket gear is no longer going to be con-exclusive starting later this month. The next Lupin III movie will be "Dead Or Alive", and it should come out in the spring. There are 6 licensed Lupin III movies/specials besides the four already released.

    Following up a bit on last nights news, there are a couple of tidbits worth mentioning. The release, while dropping from 16 to 13 discs, will still retain the three box set plan originally set for it. I believe it's now set to follow a 5/4/4 plan for that and each of the boxes is supposedly going to have an interesting selection of pack-in material. In addition, though we won't be adding it to the list until it's formally solicited, the first volume is now set for release on 01/18/2005.
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