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episode 47 QES

As a matter of fact, I put this one together before actually seeing 47, but the spirit of it was surprisingly accurate.

Ed: This is for all those peanut butter and banana sandwiches! I HATE bananas!
Sloth: My, and sticking your arm through my chest isn't at all an Oedipal way of killing somebody, is it?*
Al: Mou, Niisan! It's not fair, having incest with anyone other than me!
Ed: Oh, you can say that after your little 'sleepover' with Hohenheim, huh? See how it feels, bitch!
Wrath: WAH! Oh my God! What did you do to my girlfriend... I mean, mother figure!
Ed: The fuck, she's not your mother, she's mine!
Wrath: No, she's mine!
Ed: Mine!
Wrath: MINE!
Sloth: Now now, boys... *dies*
Lust: And people wonder why I stay single.

*Sloth: Edipal? Get it? Ed? *dies*

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